Health dept. sick from bad food

Health dept. sick from bad food
Forty-two people attending a county health department Christmas party at a restaurant in southern Illinois got sick from the food.
The cause of the outbreak hasn’t been pinpointed, but Phyllis Wells, head of the Lawrence County Health Department, thinks it was the buffet.
The common denominator among those who fell ill during the Dec. 15 gathering of 72 people at a Lawrenceville restaurant appears to be the cold, diced ham in the buffet salad bar, Wells said. She was among those who got sick.
“I’m telling you, it got me down,” Wells said Monday. “I about passed out and everything else. It’s not been funny. It’s taken the punch out of my whole Christmas.”
Wells said the cause of the outbreak hasn’t been pinpointed. But she suspects the culprit was a norovirus — something people get from contact with those infected, from ingesting contaminated food or drink or by touching contaminated items and then their mouths.
Wells said the humor of public-health workers getting sick on bad food isn’t lost on her.
“It’s just my luck,” she said, mustering a laugh. “Usually, it’s our job to investigate other things. But us getting sick is ironic.”

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