FDA Warns Consumers Against Dietary Supplement Containing

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to take Venom HYPERDRIVE 3.0, a product sold as a dietary supplement and containing sibutramine. Sibutramine, a controlled substance with risks for abuse or addiction, is a potent drug that poses potential safety risks.
“Sibutramine is the active ingredient in an FDA-approved prescription drug used as an appetite suppressant for weight loss,” said Janet Woodcock, M.D., director Read the rest of this entry »

Men's Macho Attitude Could Cost 40000 Lives Per Year

LONDON, November 13 /PRNewswire/ —
– Community Pharmacy Could Hold the Key to Saving the Lives of 40,000 Men Every Year*
New research from the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain (RPSGB) could shed light on the reasons behind the poor state of men’s health in Britain.
The RPSGB commissioned study, designed to discover how men’s attitudes might affect their healthcare, revealed that 59% of men are reluctant to ask for help and only Read the rest of this entry »

Lilly pulls FDA application for Cymbalta for pain

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Eli Lilly and Co (LLY.N:
) said on Friday it withdrew an application to market its anti-depressant Cymbalta for the management of chronic pain because U.S. health regulators raised questions about the drug’s effectiveness and dosing.
Lilly said it made its decision to pull the supplemental New Drug Application for Cymbalta, or duloxetine HCl, after U.S. Food and Drug Administration reviewers questioned the design Read the rest of this entry »

Physical Fitness Influences Stress Reactions to Extreme Military

Posted on: Sunday, 14 September 2008, 03:00 CDT
By Taylor, Marcus K Markham, Amanda E; Reis, Jared P; Padilla, Genieleah A; Potterat, Eric G; Drummond, Sean P A; Mujica-Parodi, Lilianne R
ABSTRACT Background: Physical fitness and physical conditioning have long been valued by the military for their roles in enhancing mission-specific performance and reducing risk of injury in the warfighter. It is not known whether physical fitness plays a causal Read the rest of this entry »

Maternal and infant health symposium: Women's health, a call to action

Too many infants in Calhoun County are dying. 9.6 infants, out of every 1,000 births, died in Calhoun County in 2004-2006, compared to the Michigan rate of 7.6.
The Maternal and Infant Health Commission (MIHC), an Issue Action Group of the Regional Health Alliance (RHA), is researching the details behind infant deaths in Calhoun County. They look at causes of death and factors associated with those deaths. This means understanding the infant’s Read the rest of this entry »

Worker killed at Brooklyn water plant

Saturday, January 10th 2009, 4:36 AM
A beloved city worker was killed at a Brooklyn sewage treatment plant Friday when a mobile conveyor belt collapsed on top of him, officials said.
Gennaro Montello and five other Department of Environmental Protection workers were preparing to shuttle grit to a Dumpster at the Owl’s Head wastewater treatment plant in Bay Ridge when the temporary conveyor belt buckled.
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Thief River Falls feedlot declared public health hazard

In May, state pollution control officials installed two continuous air monitors at the dairy’s fence line. In the next four months they found that the standard for hydrogen sulfide was exceeded more than 300 times. Federal scientists from the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry installed monitors at three nearby residences in July and found hydrogen sulfide levels up to seven times above what federal officials consider to be safe.
Excel’s Read the rest of this entry »

Medical illustration team win prestigious award from Association

by John Rowbotham, Hamilton Advertiser
NHS Lanarkshire staff have won a prestigious film award.
At the meeting of the annual Association of Surgeons in Bournemouth, the board’s consultant colorectal surgeon Angus MacDonald was awarded the John Wiley Prize for the best educational video.
Shot in theatre two at Monklands Hospital by Ross Milligan, head of medical illustration for NHS Lanarkshire, the video showed Mr MacDonald performing Read the rest of this entry »

Small businesses opposing hospital tax

Gov. Jim Doyle’s proposed hospital tax has gotten support from hospital industry officials and the state’s largest business lobbying group, but there is still one group reluctant to support a new tax: small-business owners.
announced Monday it would not support the hospital tax, which Doyle will present to state Legislators this month.
“This tax increase was a bad idea in 2007, it was a bad idea in 2008 and it remains a bad idea Read the rest of this entry »

Tell-tale injuries from partners

Women who are victims of domestic violence tend to have distinct patterns of facial injuries research suggests.
A study in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery says these kind of assaults cause higher than expected fractures of the cheekbones and eye sockets and more brain injuries.
Domestic violence makes up 20% of all assaults in England and Wales.
The researchers hope their study will help doctors to recognise victims of this type of abuse.
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