Cutback hurts poor women

At the Women’s Health Center West, a mother of two toddler boys had been looking forward to
being coached through her third pregnancy by the center’s midwives.
“It’s like a second home when you are pregnant,” said Jessica Rudolph, 22, of the West Side. She
rides a bus to the city clinic, which will close early next month. “These people take care of
The clinic at 3556 Sullivant Ave. is a casualty of the city’s budget cuts. Its clients are
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Going far … and farther: Fitness program reaches kids in 12 schools

Going far … and farther: Fitness program reaches kids in 12 schools
Several years ago, when Robin Lindsay served as student health director at High Point University, she couldn't believe the health problems she encountered.
“We were already seeing kids at 18 to 20 years old who were showing early signs of chronic diseases developing,” Lindsay recalls.
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Recession could play into Aspen hospital expansion plans

ASPEN — Were the Aspen Valley Hospital District to sell bonds right now to finance its estimated $100 million expansion project, repayment would cost nearly twice as much as district officials had originally planned, an official confirmed last week.
Noting that economists are projecting the current recession will last well into 2010, hospital district Chief Financial Officer Terry Collins said the hospital isn’t eager to borrow money for an Read the rest of this entry »

Bellyfit fusion fitness sweeping the nation and the Comox Valley

Welcome to Bellyfit, a fitness class for the new millenium that was created right here on Vancouver Island, and is sweeping the nation.
Designed for women only, Bellyfit packs a 30 minute cardio, which combines aerobics moves with Bellydance, Bhangra, Bollywood and African dance, and then finishes up with Pilates and Yoga inspired moves.
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FDA Approves New Drug for Fibromyalgia Treatment

that anti-depressants are beneficial to fibromyalgia patients, the FDA has approved a new medication specifically for the treatment of this “
.” Savella is a product of Forest Laboratories, Inc. and Cypress Bioscience, Inc. and the companies report that the FDA approved the drug based on two clinical trials. The trials consisted of 2,084 fibromyalgia patients, who took either Savella or a placebo for a period of three months or six months.
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Fatty acids link 'could offer hope to Alzheimer's sufferers'

Studies in mice with the disease have shown that regulating the acids in their brains can stop symptoms developing.
Experts believe the research is a potential breakthrough in the treatment of the condition, which affects around 400,000 people in Britain, because of the relative ease in which fatty acid levels in humans can regulated by diet and drugs.
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Parents in US Can't Always Pay to Cover Kids, Study Says

Parents in U.S. Can't Always Pay to Cover Kids, Study Says
Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) — More than a fourth of uninsured
children in the U.S. have a parent with health coverage,
according to a study whose authors said it shows private
insurance is too expensive for many working families.
The insured parents of kids without coverage had a private
plan rather than government health care in almost 90 percent of
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FDA Commissioner and Other Top Health Officials Plan to Step Down

commissioner, Dr. Andrew C. von Eschenbach, said Tuesday that he would resign on
Day, Jan. 20, part of a parade of expected departures at the nation’s crucial public health agencies.
Leaders of these agencies have sometimes straddled administrations, but the
is expected to make a clean sweep in part because of repeated assertions that the Bush administration allowed politics to play an unusually forceful role in science policy, and because Read the rest of this entry »

Hospital bed shortage provokes row

Auckland City Hospital clinical director Tim Parke says a shortage of hospital beds causes as many deaths as the annual road toll — more than 400 people a year.
However, Prime Minister Helen Clark is hotly disputing the claim.
Dr Parke told the New Zealand Herald he expected findings of an international review on emergency departments would be mirrored in New Zealand.
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Health Talk: Breast care program at RRMC

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the breast care program at Rutland Regional Medical Center is sponsoring a mini-summit, “Pathways to Women’s Health,” on Friday, Oct. 24.
The program will include three speakers, free health screenings including checks for high blood pressure, osteoporosis and skin cancer, vendors, door prizes and a complimentary catered lunch. There is no charge for admission.
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